Home and Garden Show at the Cleveland IX Center February 6, 2017

Come visit us on the Blue Tip Gaming booth #1040 at the Cleveland IX Center for the 2017 Home and Garden show. The Larscraft Maker’s Chest and the Figure Showcase are on display. Be sure to check them out!

The Home and Garden Show runs from February 3-12. Lars will be onsite intermittently throughout the show. He’d love to skip school to spend the day meeting new people, but mom flat out says ‘No’. She’s one tough cookie, that one.

Come by. Say ‘hi’. Meet Chris (Lars’ dad). He will be there everyday. We can play a game with Chris, too. This will be fun. If you see Chris there, make sure to tell him that ‘Lars says hello’. If you do, come back and let us know what he says!!

Enter to win a free Figure Showcase while you are there. It comes with the 132 figure bases. That’s a $125 value!  And pick up a free ‘My Child is a Maker’ decal for your fridge, wall, or car. Yes, we made these too. We’re good like that, always making new things.